They are making our lives miserable!

@rdurusan (624)
October 2, 2007 9:16am CST
Misery is suffering and want caused by distress and poverty,according to the dictionary.The condition of misery is experienced by the majority of the citizens around the world.Is this condition caused by laziness,lack of education,or the lack of skill?manipulation of a few who are capable of doing it is my answer, and many know it and they don't care.The politicians are the ones making laws,and the government is the implementor of laws and order.Bills are created,debated, and finally scrutinized by the chief executive for approval or dis approval.The issue of being approved or not depends on the political consideration and the economic gain of the sponsor.The usual welfare of the people and the nation is set aside.This habit created the harmful laws that are crippling many economies including the most powerful nation on earth.The groups behind these acts of treachery are siphoning the money of every taxpayer as well as the wealth of a nation.Today the welfare of the people are hindered,the security of a nation is at stake,and money which is a powerful tool for advancement is volatile.The culprit behind these are the global corporations,together with the mainstream media as the barker of lies, and the politicians as puppets of these big corporations.They are making our lives miserable while they are in a state of bliss.Are we aware of this?or we just doesn't care.
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