Does anyone actually have Geico insurance?

United States
October 2, 2007 12:30pm CST
Everyone knows the infamous Geico commercials. First they started with the gecko, and then they had the Cavemen which have even got their own sitcom now. The newest Geico commercials, with Chatty Cathy and Jed Clampett, crack me up everytime I see them. But does anyone actually have Geico insurance? Is their advertising paying off? We don't have Geico and I don't know anyone who does.
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@gradyslady (4054)
• United States
30 Oct 07
I don't have it and no one I know has it either.
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• United States
31 Oct 07
Same here.
@casablynn (150)
• United States
2 Oct 07
I used to have Geico and I really liked it. My payments were very reasonable and I like the payment plan which was pay 4 monthly payments and pay nothing for last two months if 6 month coverage. It all adds up the same, but for two months I had extra money in my pocket. The only reason I switched, and I wasn't happy about switching, was because my boyfriend and I bought a car together and he had Progressive. He didn't want to switch because he had another car that was with Progressive so I ended up switching and my rate went way up! We compromised that I spend only what my Geico rate was and he covers the rest, but I miss my two months of no monthly payments.
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• United States
18 Oct 07
I'm happy to hear you were pleased with it. I want to switch insurance carriers because my rate is so dang high since I am "young" but I share the plan with my family and they don't want to change.