what problem..

October 3, 2007 6:01am CST
What problems does the internet create?what problems does it solves?
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@jolope (987)
• Philippines
3 Oct 07
i think one problem that the internet creates is the addictive factor it carries..^_^ i mean, who's not yet been in to a website nowadays??everybody's hooked..and sometimes its not convenient if you cant pay for it.. but the good thing about it is the information that is readily accessible to anyone who visits..also the communication that it provides.. i mean, it was so hard to find someone before..but as i said..everybody seems to be into it..so its easy to find someone..just key in the name or any specific info, and there you have it..connection+communication=better relationships..^_^
4 Oct 07
im agree to that,thanks
@palawena (44)
• Philippines
12 Mar 08
The internet can disseminate false informations very fast. It also destroys computers and stored files through viruses that are sent online. On the other hand internet makes communication very fast and reliable at a very low cost.
@yefta_aye (637)
• Indonesia
4 Oct 07
for me is about the follow up.
• United States
31 Jan 08
what makes me feel sad is not only the internet but in general how far we have advanced as a people. here in the united states i grew up in a farm with a sister and three brothers. We had little tv an radio time an we played a lot of board games and cooked our own treats like Pizza and fudge..ice cream and popcorn..and we visited a lot and played cards..and records and danced.. the point is now we are getting so much time spent at DVD and Internet watching and the new generation of children are growing up to fast..to much knowledge too early in life..my daughter and son knew more about a lot of stuff and had to teach me about the new suff as I am too busy at work...but now they are grown and raising grandchildren and they are even more knowlegeable at an earlier age..i think children as sometimes losing their child hood.. but what do I know.?
• Nellore, India
3 Mar 08
here in india. in Andhra Pradesh.in Nellore here is a internet it wont create any problem