Teaching your craft

United States
October 3, 2007 11:25am CST
Does anyone ever ask you to teach them how to crochet because they like the things you make or just because they want to learn? How did it work out? Did you like teaching or not and did they learn the new skill and continue to crochet? My little sister knows how to do one stitch, the double crochet, but does not know how to read a pattern or any other stitches. I was making these cute little pot holders using a pattern book on a long car trip and she asked me to show her how. It was a disaster with us arguing, I'm not even sure what led to the arguing, and me swearing to never teach anyone again. Don't worry, we made up; what have some of your experiences been?
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@venshida (4837)
• United States
6 Oct 07
My daughter asked me to teach her crochet, but I did not because I cannot read patterns so I felt it might be better if I paid for classes. I paid for her classes at Michaels last Christmas, and I am very happy that I did that rather than teaching her.
@cutepenguin (6448)
• Canada
4 Oct 07
I've taught a couple of my friends how to crochet. It usually works out well.
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@Sharon38 (1913)
• Jamaica
3 Oct 07
Well my good friend asked me to teach her and fromthe first lesson she lost interest. My babies now, I thought the girls would have learnt faster but the boys cuaght on faster and much better than the girls. This reminds I need to have back that session in Youth Fellowship. They loved it.
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@nbtalle (40)
• Singapore
3 Oct 07
I have taught knitting to a friend because she was really interested and would like to create her own scarves. She was able to finish one scarf. However, we parted ways before we could do more. I also know how to crochet and am very willing to teach anybody who wants to learn. I love doing things with my hands, and I love to share to others what I know. I believe the student must be motivated, and the teacher must have lots of patience, flexibility and creativity. One technique I use, I choose very easy projects that can be finished in a few minutes. The student will then feel some accomplishment, and will be motivated to do more. When my student starts getting frustrated, I just tell them that the hardest part is the "beginning". When they get the hang of it, then the rest will be easier.
@Zelmarq (12567)
• Cebu City, Philippines
4 Oct 07
i know how to crochet and have been taught by an officemate on how to do it and I am very much welcome to those who wants to learn to crochet. It does need patience to teach crochet coz its a somehow complicated task, but I was able to teach one of my house mates and I was there during the making period of the galss cover that I asked her to do. She was also a willing student and now she can make crochets and thats an achievement on my part.