pooch party

@myjewel (268)
October 4, 2007 4:00am CST
im throwing a party for my dog on oct 20. he is celebrating his first bday. i want this to be a very memorable one for all of us. i already have the food planned and his clothes and my other dogs' party clothes. maybe you can give me suggestions to make the party real fun.
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@foxygirle (377)
• Philippines
5 Oct 07
just enhoy every moment of your party. eventually it will be memorable for you and your dog will enjoy it though the party crowds may scare him a little, depending how socialize he is. keep cameras and video cameras ready for those great moments. and always be on guard with other agressive dogs which may spoil the party. do keep those plastic ready to pic up those yucky pooh pooh and water to splash away the residue. Good luck and have lots of fun.
@myjewel (268)
• Philippines
8 Oct 07
yeah we have already prepared our video cam to capture this wonderful party that we are going to have. and it will be nice to watch this years after just to remember what happened on that party. thanks!
• United States
4 Oct 07
Fun for who?? With no opposable thumbs, how is the dog supposed to open presents?? I bought some cat food once, and on the package it actually said "fun shapes". Fun for who?? When my dogs birthdays come around, they get special treats, but it has to be in secret because the other dogs aren't aware of the reason for the special treatment. I can't explain to them why one is being favored on a specific day. Besides that- do you actually think animals enjoy being dressed up and paraded around?? Please!! If the creator of dogs thought they should wear clothes, maybe dogs wouldn't have been given fur. And why do people insist on putting silly party hats on their dogs?? You can't think the dogs think it's an improvement on their style. I'm not criticizing anyone, I just think the idea is silly. Sometimes my kids will put something on one of my dogs, like a hat or scarf, and I encourage them in their silliness. But the dogs usually don't look enthused, and if my kids aren't careful, they will lose whichever article of clothing they chose to share, because it will get dragged out to the kennel and chewed beyond recognition. I don't allow them to do it often or for long periods of time, just long enough for everyone to get a laugh, or a picture. Other than that, dogs come equipped with everything they need, no accessories required. Hiding treats around the house and yard, and Frisbee are good things that dogs like. I don't think the pinata or pin the tail on the doggy would be a good idea, unless... You could fill a pinata with dog treats and let them have at it. That would be alot of fun for them.