Drinking and driving

@angemac23 (2004)
October 4, 2007 5:25am CST
I am wondering what everyone thinks about drinking and driving. I am also interested in knowing how you all think offenders should be treated. I beleive that if you get in a car with booze in your system and you get caught, you should be charged with attempted murder. And if you kill someone while drinking, you should thrown in jail for the rest of your life or executed. I have many reasons for feeling so strongly about this. I know several people who have had their lives ended becasue some idiot was so selfish, he got behind the wheel and drove. Of course they drunk always survives, while the innocent ones die. One girl I went to school with was driving home with her DRUNK boyfriend early one morning. He sped up on a deserted road, trying to cool I guess, and ended up wrapping the car around a pole. The girl, who I must mention was a few months pregnant, was killed instantly. The drunk survuved and actaully tried to move her from the passenger seat into the drivers seat to make it look like she was driving. The authorities of course knew right away what he was up to but in the end, he never spent a day in jail and laughed about the incident afterward. The other incident involved a couple, both I went to school with and both were also killed by a booze drinking murderer. He as well has not spent a day in prison. All of these kids had futures in front on them, were very bright and loving people who should still be here. These 2 men and anyone else who takes someone life in this way should suffer the ultimate punishment. What do you all think?
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@lgwlong (199)
• China
5 Oct 07
drinking to drive is so dangerous and will bring others great harm,i was ever bumped by a moto drunk driver,my head blooding and havt to lay on hospital for week,after a year i learn that driver was killed in an driving accident.so if we drive ,no drink ,if drink ,no driving
@laurika (4536)
• United States
5 Oct 07
I agree with you.There should be a higher penalty for those who drive and drink.I cannot stand people like this and I think it is very irresponsible.And also out there should be more cops to controle drivers for drinking.I think it would safe only more and more lifes and is it really neccesary.I just cannot understand why people do this to each other, drink and then drive, where is our responsibility?
4 Oct 07
I think what is more important than the punishment is the fact that these people need to realise what they are doing. My message is Don't drink if you have drive or Don't drive if you have to drink.
• Australia
4 Oct 07
I also believe that currently drink drivers are treated far too leniently. They are committing a crime, and should be treated as a murderer in other circumstances would be, if they kill someone while driving after drinking. I do understand that alcholism is a disease, but it doesn't mean that their behavior should be condoned. Everybody deserves their chance at life, and it's tragic when lives are cut short due someone getting behind the wheel of a car when they have no right to do so.