Is it good for male to slap a female?

October 4, 2007 7:49am CST
I slaped my girlfriend and every one became mad at me for doing that. I was shock because was cheating on me and i was unable to control my self. Please can i hear from someone if it is wrong for a male to slap a female and why.
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• United States
4 Oct 07
Yes, its wrong ! I have never slapped a female, although there was this one that brought me close to slamming her several times. After further realization that she could bring me to doing that, I left. Any man or woman who feels that they have to result to physical violence to show their superiority has belittle themselves. And, deserves no respect.
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@poohgal (6847)
• Singapore
4 Oct 07
hello there. Sorry to hear that your girlfriend cheated on you. She's definitely in the wrong. However, no one (boys and girls) have the right to slap or hit others. Try to learn to control yourself in the future. If you are angry, just walk away. The other party will feel guilty. I think letting her feel guilt is better than letting her feel pain. Pain is more bearable.
@ryanphil01 (4184)
• Philippines
4 Oct 07
here in our country, the Philippines, it is against the law to hurt anyone physically unless it is done as self-defense. it's a physical abuse slapping a girl or anyone for that matter and you may be sent to jail as the punishment. if the girl is a minor, meaning 18 years below, the more you would be convicted, simply because it is a form of child abuse. this offense would bring you to jail for a minimum of 6 years onwards. my friend, nobody has the right to abuse anyone by physical means just like what you have done to your girlfriend. honestly, it's a shame on your part why you have done this. act like a gentleman and talk things over with your girlfriend. if she cheated on you, let her go and find another one.
@wenrui (25)
• China
4 Oct 07
that is so bad.slapping is wrong at all the time.the female is need protected.we should love them.forgiving their ,can't beat them.
@carolscash (9498)
• United States
4 Oct 07
Yes, it is very wrong for you to slap her! It was wrong of her to cheat on you, but that doesn't give you a reason to hit her. No man has the right to slap their partner or any other female for that matter. Please get some control of your anger and it might require you to get counseling. This will not be the only time you do it if you don't get help now!!