What is the fastest torrent software?

United States
October 4, 2007 8:05am CST
I ahve comcast cable with utorrent and its still 56kbps Please help!
2 responses
• Algeria
14 Oct 07
The fastest is the one who doesn't limit your download so it's BITLORD and he's on the top list , but you have first to find a TORRENT with more seeders not leechers , sometimes , the software has nothing to do with the speed but the number of seeders.
• Malaysia
25 Nov 07
yeeess.... check the seeder for your file before u download it... then try many torrent software with only one torrent file so that u can detect which one is good for u ... in torrent ..which good to other not necessary to u.. it depend on internet's connection and your internet provider..
• United States
4 Oct 07
If you have Comcast, the best Torrent client is NO Torrent client. They share your information with copyright owners who in turn send out strongly-worded C&D letters warning you not to download their stuff anymore. Use the web and search for stuff you want with things like Megaupload and SendSpace tagged on. You'll find all the same stuff and it's easier to cloak. Oh, and don't think an anonymizer will help you. I was using one and still got C&Ded because I was using Bittorrent. It's just not secure at all. You've been warned.