College Grades.

@kiobug (2250)
United States
October 4, 2007 7:27pm CST
I just started college and I got my first paper back from my Speech class. I got a C on it, barely passing. I did well in high school, I have never been a bad student except math but thats not uncommon. What happened? There are nothing but general observations on my paper, nothing bad was written. Why did I get such a bad grade? All we had to do was define, give an example of and show how it applies to our example for five was eight pages. Some people have told me thats how it is...teachers are weird in college. So am I a bad student? Was high school just not challenging for me and thats why I did well? Or are my teachers just ridiculous?
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• China
5 Oct 07
Yeah,college is different from middlle school.You should adjust to it!
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• Philippines
5 Oct 07
Well IMO you already did well but college professors tend to push you on a higher state, its like juicing out the more technical idea that you can write on a paper, unlike in high school, you just see the idea and write down your conclusions, you need to be more specific on college, just think more radical and technical when writing a paper, its like blogging w/ formalities on it.
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• Australia
5 Oct 07
Sadly, what is normally not explained to college students is that the level of detail and the sophistication of any writing required is expected to be of a much higher standard than in high school. Papers that would have gotten you an A will now be lucky to earn a C. This is used to push you as a student to achieve more, but if no constructive criticism was given, it can be hard to work out what the teacher expects from you. If possible, it can be helpful to speak to previous students, or even the teacher themselves.