Problems navigating an HMO

United States
October 5, 2007 1:10am CST
I live in California and pay for my health coverage myself. I currently have a Kaiser Permanente HMO plan. I am having a lot of difficulty getting different departments (neurology, primary care, urgent care, pharmacy) to coordinate my care. What I mean is, for example, I have a prescription that was written by the neurology department last month (now they have no record of that) and neurology has turned my care back over to my primary care doctor. So when I try to get a refill for this month's meds, neurology doesn't know what I'm talking about and primary care refuses to refill prescriptions written in another department. I have tried talking and formally complaining to Member Services and Patient Assistance and they have referred me back to my primary care doctor. I am hoping that someone on here might know more about the structure of the Kaiser system so that I can talk to someone higher up who can resolve what shouldn't even be an issue. If not, what can I do? I really need my meds and I feel stuck. I have issues with different departments and the way things are mishandled at least once a week (and it's not because I'm a complainer). I appreciate any feedback. =(
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