Do you believe in life in other planets?

October 5, 2007 1:45am CST
To think about it...mmm, there could be... of course our planet is just one of the millions of solar bodies that are already known to man. So there really might be life out there the other galaxies...Are encounters claimed by some people real? and sighting too?
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• Philippines
5 Oct 07
Hello realguy33 :) I share your opinion. I believe there are life forms on other planets. These may not be in the planets known to us but in other planets that's not been discovered yet. Its a big possibility. One galaxy is so vast enough, and there are a lot of galaxies. This discussion is really interesting :)
• Romania
5 Oct 07
Hey realguy33. I think never can tell exactly what's happening on other planets. And also I never seen UFO or aliens, so I think life on other planets don't exist. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.