If you could live forever, would you want to?

United States
October 5, 2007 3:03am CST
If you could live forever, would you want to? I figure living forever would really be an amazing thing. That way you would definitely get to experience all of lifes great pleasures, choose a career, then choose another over and over, you'll just get to experience everything. Would you, or wouldn't you? why?
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@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
7 Oct 07
No way!! I wouldn't want to have to watch all the ppl around me get old and die. To me that would be a horrible way to live. **AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~
@ssh123 (31096)
• India
5 Oct 07
Prctically speaking, no, I would not like to live beyond 70. By imagining fatasy like your discussion topic, one can imagine and make any statement only to make it a part of science fiction or ordinary fiction and it is far from realities. AFter 40, man has to take care of his health, because one by one the vital organs show signs of decay or deformities or even becomes totally useless. When such is the condition, who would like to live crippled physically and mentally for ever.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
5 Oct 07
No way, I think the future is lookinhgg pretty bleak, anyway I firmly believe there is something so much better awaiting us, I can't even imagine what this world will be like in a few years let alone in a lot of years...