"You look more matured..."

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October 5, 2007 9:24am CST
What do people mean when they refer to someone as "matured"? Well there have been some incidents suggesting that I look more matured than somebody else, like for instance, there is someone from church that have continuously mistaken me to be my brother's elder sister. Despite the height and I would have to believe that I do not look older than him. Hahaha. An office mate of mine who is a year older than I am talks to me using "po" and "opo". I have told her not to since I am not used to it and also since I am younger than her actually. My other officemates often refer to her as that "child" or "kid" when saying something or talking about her, and when I joked that how come they refer to her like a kid when in fact I am the youngest of our group, our boss said cause I look more matured than she does. In my own preference I like people who are matured, and also like the idea of being referred to as a matured person in the sense that they are over the cartoon days, the childish behaviors, the running away from responsibilities, the I-cannot-dress-myself-up-properly type. But then again, in your own manner of passing judgement why or how do you say that someone is more mature than somebody else? Usually at what perspective do you look?
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12 Oct 07
since I retired i dress very casual and my wife always says i should dress up more in public..i am 62 and i have heard comments that i look a lot younger but i do not let this go to my head,,but i feel 62 and brand new..but i said that when i was 32 and brand new..just starting a 28 year job with the FORD motor company..but I think you are as old as you think you are..i like to be with the young and the older people who think young..i try to stay possitive and I go to my Lutheran Church and know that spiritual growth is very important no matter what your age is..my wife does a Catholic and she does not believe the same as I do..but that is OK as she is entitled to her beliefs..so we don't argue about religion..but she did vote for our President but I did not..twice..so don't blame me..lol..but we agree on most things..as we have been together 22 years...you can't always tell a book by its cover...some people dress great but have nothing in their pockets but lint..and some people wear sweat pants and tee shirts and may drive a clunker car but have a six or seven figures in the bank...z