Rapist."How long"

October 5, 2007 11:25am CST
This is a story of a girl who was raped by her uncle at 13. and by her uncles friend at 20. She was badly wounded and it affected her till 25. She is now depressed and hated all men that comes close to her. She can only have a male as neighboure, co-worker, and church member. As her neighbour i want to her to know the real aspect of life and go on with it, but sometime i lack words. Please i have the zeal of doing it but i need more from greater guys like you out there.
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@fhm1987 (243)
• Pakistan
6 Oct 07
she needs some psychological help. better done if consult a good psychatrist. Also religion is the key to every problem..... hope u got it.
• India
6 Oct 07
I can very well understand the agony of that girl but she needs to learn that there is no end to life and life has to go on. One has to fight till the last breath and getting weak and depressed while invite more trouble.
@kitty1234 (1476)
• United States
5 Oct 07
There really is no way to get her to stop hating men after what they did to her. She will have to on her find the men in this world who are kind and gentle. If you push her she may back off altogether, leae her alone. She has already made a start by even allowing men into her life. She may need to get some sounseling so she realises that not all men are evil.