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October 5, 2007 11:59am CST
I write for fun and profit on a few sights and what I would like to know is when you write something like poetry do you think it is right for someone you don't know and have not soliceted to correct your grammer or spelling? I know that first sentence is a runn on but I did it to prove a point. I think something like writing poetry sould be an exercise in self expression not a language arts lesson. Any one ever hear of the Beat poets?
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@suspenseful (40311)
• Canada
7 Oct 07
If you ask for criticism, then anyone who reads your poem should correct it. If you have not, they have to leave it alone. It does not matter whether it is self expression or not. There are certain rules to follow in even free style poetry. So the one who criticizes it has to be someone who understands and knows the rules of that type of poetry and he or she does not have to be your neighbor or your best friend forever. Still the same, unless you write "look at my poem and tell me what you think,"(which is an invitation for criticism) they should leave the grammar and spelling alone.
• United States
7 Oct 07
unless u are asking the person if there are any mistakes that it should be left alone. Writing is an art form and should not be meddled with unless asked.