What do you think of wearing make up?

@angel108 (570)
October 5, 2007 9:32pm CST
Wearing make up have now become a fashion.Different make up products are now being released every now and then. Most women love to wear make up Personally I don't like wearing make up.I believe in simplicity.What do you think about this?
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• United States
6 Oct 07
I don't wear makeup very often but once in awhile I do still put it on just to hear where are you going or why are you dressed up?
@laura20 (128)
6 Oct 07
I could not bear going out of the house without any 'slap' on. I consider it can be alright in certain situations to not apply make-up when you are at home, not expecting anybody, In my case, it is just what I have been used to, and what I am comfortable with, but of course it is 'whatever best suits you'.
@wseayuan (374)
• China
6 Oct 07
Hi,friend. i hate heavy make-up.sometimes that make me feel some nausea.you know some people dressing up are not like humans,but are monsters. but if just light make-up, it may be great .that may make the woman more beautiful.so i think the women should dress up moderate.
@patgalca (17243)
• Orangeville, Ontario
6 Oct 07
I have never worn a lot of make-up. I certainly didn't go the "foundation" route and cover my skin with an inch of make-up. I used to wear eye-shadow when I was working - a natural look though, brown to bring out the blue in my eyes. But then I think I became allergic so I stopped wearing eye shadow. I only wear a bit of mascara, rouge and lipstick when I go out - just enough so I don't look like a corpse.