What is your favorite party setup on Final Fantasy Tactics?

United States
October 5, 2007 10:23pm CST
I know some of you have played this game for the playstation & I was just curious. What do you think your favorite party setup is? Do you go into battle with a whole bunch of wizards, maybe a bunch of fighters? Heck. Maybe a mix of fighters and wizards! What is your party setup usually?
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@31rn62 (44)
• United States
20 Feb 09
My party always consists of at least 1 chemist, 1 archer and 1 fighter type(knight or monk - i love em both). Then i kind of fill in from there anything at a whim
• Philippines
26 Apr 09
My most favorite party setup consist of (1) monk, and (3) wizards, (1) time mage. My strategy if to form the party into a cross formation with the monk on the center, wizards on the front, left, and right side of the monk (facing the enemy) and the time mage behind. The concept is to let the much perform chakra(skill to replenish both hp and mp) on all 5 units (including the monk), let the time mage perform support magic on the party to boost phys&magic defense, speed, etc. since units will not be moving the enemies will have to come close, since all three damage dealing units are wizards, they can attack from a distance, and since the monk always performs chakra, both wizards and time mage can do their stuff with unlimited mana and a guaranteed health replenishment per turn, and in the rarest case that one of the characters die, the monk can also revive it at once.
• Indonesia
22 Nov 09
ramza orlandu ninja samurai/ninja summoner you will annihilate most of enemy less then 10 turn