how to make many frnds,,

October 5, 2007 10:58pm CST
i dont have any fnds in frndstr,, can u giv me any tips on how 2 have many frnds,, tnx!!
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• Philippines
15 Oct 07
You can search for your relatives and friends by typing their names or email addresses, then add the ones you find! You can also search using your school as a keyword, or place of residence, or any keyword actually. It's really easy. Good luck on adding your friends!
• Bahrain
6 Oct 07
collect email addresses of your friends and relatives even your enemies if you have one.. then add them in your friendster.. and then add the friends of your friends in friendster.. then when the friends of your friends become your friends add their friends again.. just do that until you reach the maximum allowable friends then you'll have many friends.. if you want to have many comments and testimonials, make one for each and then ask them to make one for you even if it is short.. do that and you can use friendster in the future to stalk on your old highschool/ college friends'life..and it's fun to read what your friends have got to say about you.. happy friendster!
• Philippines
6 Oct 07
for a starter...look for your relatives first if they have one, or better yet search for the names of your schoolmates sure they have one!,and also add some of your officemates or better yet find someone who interests you and ask him/her to be your friend!