Racist Is your Country?

October 6, 2007 2:31am CST
Are you agree the racism?
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• Philippines
6 Oct 07
How can we?:) we belong to a third world country, that is why we always experienced that descriminating behavior from superior countries. And i believed that is kinda sad to know. And sometimes annoying. Just like what happened to us recently. Filipinos (specifically filipino doctors and nurses) were been discrimanated. And just the other day when our former president received some kinda annoying jokes from a tv show called desperates houswives. It's just sad to know that high profile personality here in the Philippines, well respected. High moral standard was not exempted to that racism thing how much more to us who are just ordinary individuals. No achievements to boast, no wealth to show.
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• United States
6 Oct 07
Yes there is still racism here in the USA....well, I don't concider myself racist or anything..but only problem I do hav is I think everyone should stay with their own kind and not mix racees...My grandchildren are mixed and I do love them with all of my heart and soul..But My hubby and I both think it was wrong for our daughter to decided to mix her children race....It took my hubby alot longer to accept that and our grandchildren....I don't go around beating or hurting any race people just cause they are different color than I am... I have a lot of different race friends..But to be with any of them I couldn't do that casue of their race and they all know that and understands that...most of them agree with me..I'm sorry if I affended anyone but this is just how I feel...