Have you been kind to strangers? Have they been kind to you?

@todine (40)
October 7, 2007 11:52am CST
What have you done to show kindness to others? Have somebody been kind to you? Share your experiences on the act of kindness - whether you have done the act or the act was done to you. How did you feel after showing kindness to others and after they've been kind to you? A simple act of kindness can brighten up one's day and can even save lives.
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• China
11 Oct 07
I am kind to strangers usually,and they are kind to me,too.I think if I smile to them,they will smile to me,too.In this world,there are so many strangers we donot know,many of them are very kind just like us,they just donot know what is our thought,so we need to smile at them first,to show our kindness.
@todine (40)
11 Oct 07
Yes, smiling to a stranger is really good. You don;t know them and smiling would be one of the best ways. You never know, the stranger might become you're friend. :)
@sang2k2 (1834)
• India
22 Oct 07
hi tod, well kindness is very important according to me as that really makes one feel happy n if kindness give or shown to the deserving ppl is helpful to both (the receiver & the giver). My experience about getting and giving kindness goes as follows:- Experience of getting kindness:- once while travelling i was feeling dizzy n dehydrated so i asked water from my fellow passenger , i was not even in the position to stand, she didnt had water but she asked evry possible person for water juz for me tht was really her act of kindness than she even gave me a place to sit n she found out water from some one for me ...i really thanked her for her kindnesss and can never forget that. experience of giving kindness: my fellow passenger was a student n i was sitting at a window seat, after some time she asked me if she can sit on the window seat n if i wont mind shifting ..i was like ok n i gave her my sea... there are many more instances n i always try to be kind to all by always keeping a smiling face n offering seats while travelling to old women, or pregnant women. helping ppl with guiding them about the right directions and ne way they need the help... thnks. actuall we should always be kind to one n to all thts where we can atleast feel good.