October 7, 2007 8:53pm CST
I have an ipod and I have been using this product since I was in college. All in all, i have used 3 models of Ipod. Ipod Photo, Ipod Nano and Ipod Video 5th Gen. My niece has an IPod nano 3rd gen too. I have nothing against Ipod. THey work finr for me. But I just would like to speak in behalf of those who have a bad experience about it. First: You cant out any file in your ipod without their software ITUNEs which every now and then has updates and it messes up (more often than not) your library after an update. Most of the item, ipod wont get detected. Second: You need to stick to one computer to sync ur songs (unless you prefer to have manual) other wise all the existing files in your ipod will get deleted. Third: If your computer crashes, and you havent backed your files up, the only songs you can tranfer from the ipod to the oomputer are songs that are purchases on itunes store. what about those songs that one had spent time with importing tham from cds? thats alotta of songs.. going back at one is a waste of time. BUt one thing I can suggest: if you buy an ipod, make sure you have the APPLE CARE WARRANTY that extends your repair/replacement coverage for two years. No worries at all, whatver may happen to your ipod. One tip: Take advantage of you warranty. ONce you buy an ipod, it has a one year warranty that goes along with it. If you feel that it is behaving that way it should not be, call 1-800-MYAPPLE right away. THe good thing about apple technical support though is that, they have excellent customer service. They help you in best way they can. I have a personal experience with them and I was happy.
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@callarse1 (4786)
• United States
30 Dec 07
Hello! Well, I must say so far (I've had my iPod nano 2nd generation) for about 3 months (since October 2007). I won my iPod in a contest by PowerBar and on the back of my iPod is the PowerBar logo (lasered into the case). I was really surprised because I love the iPod, but I think they cost too much money. Anyway, I had a problem where my iPod would not sync & in fact it wouldn't even do anything but charge when I went to hook it up on the computer. Therefore, I went to the Apple store and they restored my iPod. That was so wonderful because now it's working. Now, I have one question, I also was thinking about the Apple Care Warranty, but how do I get it? Since I won it I only have the letter stated that I won it, but I have no receipt for it. Do you know how much it costs for the extra two years? I probably should look on their website, right? I bought a cover protector for the screen so it doesn't get scratches & I bought a case protector. I am soooo over protective with it.
• Malaysia
13 Nov 07
My biggest problem with ipod is the music and video formats which need special software to convert it which also cost me time to converts all the music and videos to ipod. Secondly deleting any media files also require connection to the pc and itune which is really time consuming. It's like the ipod cannot survive without a computer to help around even for deleting files lol. Ipod a big problem if it is not at home with my pc around. so ipod still consider home entertainment thing rather than mobile to me