energy vampires!!

@mishyyu (217)
October 7, 2007 10:41pm CST
i read this from Reader's Digest magazine about "energy vampires". it's those people in your work, school, home, so-called friends and just anyone who make themselves feel better at the expense of others.. at the expense of you.. i'm sure everyone has there own energy vampires around them, and maybe you can already name people in your life whom you consider as your energy vampires.. just thinking of them makes you contemplate of choking their neck just like in tbe movies.. or maybe jumped on her and scratch her like a wild animal.. with people surrounding the fight scene and cheering..sounds familiar.. hehe. as for my energy vampires, i started to feel that i've been bitten by a vampire when i started working.. there is this so-called and controversial "office politics" in my work place and i know any work environment has it, and it just so scary that it made me thinking to quit my job.. but no! i made a point to myself that i'm gonna survive like the rest of them and make sure not to join the gossip circle.. yeah, just be sure not to leave any baggages for them to pick up and use it against you.. and be sure to do your job well and never leave a bad impression at the end of the day. well, i can do that, all i hate is just the finger pointing on who started it..whose fault was it... who did it.. who said it.. even if it wasn't you or you didn't do anything..just because someone won't clean up their act..just simply "washing their hands" and bring the blame to you if they can and if possible.. since i just started working for my first job, i wanna know how others handled this same ituation like this?...or maybe worst?
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@shiloh_222 (5480)
• Philippines
9 Oct 07
hi... yup, there are such people around us, sadly. keep it up and i know you are a strong person to survive such situation. take care... happy mylotting!