I am a new aunt!! but cant see them

October 7, 2007 11:55pm CST
Yes i ama new aunt. I mean a aunt again. My sister had twins. But i havent been allowed to see them yet. We dont See eachother because i have one of her son,(adopted) beacuse the state took him. She still holds a gruge. I sure wish i could see them!!I love them already
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• China
8 Oct 07
I am an aunt too,I have two nieces.One is 6 years old,another is just younger 1year than me.I also can't see them, they are in other places in the country.But 3 years ago,I go to the country the elder one lived.I meet her,because I just older 1year than her,we become friend.We often write letters to each other now.My another niece ,I think I would see her in future.We are relations.We are the families.
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9 Oct 07
Thanks for your answer! i am gald you got to see one of them. I hope you can see the other one soon. I should be able to see the twins soon i hope. We talked to the worker toay and hope to know something soon.
@SutePri (41)
• United States
9 Oct 07
Well congrats on being a new auntie! I'm sorry that you haven't yet been able to see them, though. I hope that someday your sister will let her grudge go and you can see your nieces/nephews and your sister again. I've been an aunt since I was about 11 and the last I've seen my niece she was in diapers. I haven't seen her since because of moving to another state years ago and all. My sister says they'll be visiting next summer but she's said this before and we've yet to see her :P
11 Oct 07
thanks. I think i will be able to see them soon, but i dont th ink it be the way my sister will like. I hope you can see your soon.