How do you motivate yourself in morning when you are feeling lazy to work?

October 8, 2007 6:40am CST
This morning, I felt so lazy that I wanted to go home and take a day's off from work. Well, it's a Monday so what would I expect? It was difficult for me to smile in front of my students. In fact, I scolded most of them in the morning. I think I've affected their moods too. I don't know, I suddenly thought of a career change. But I think I should hang in here for a while.
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@Lifeless (2636)
• India
11 Oct 07
I don't feel lazy in the morning as of now, as I hav just started out on my career path.. Maybe its becoz you have been working late last night, checking copies of ur students at school.. If u engage in doing work even when u r at home, U will always feel lazy in the morning and wud always want to call off the day.. I think u shud try completing ur work while in the school itself.. Don't try getting the work at home... All the best..
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@heecho25 (47)
• China
3 Dec 07
Its not good to impact student because your mood i think, Most people don't like get up too early on morning especially Monday morning because we just had weeekend and a little lazy,, then have to get up early to catch bus for work, its really not easy but have to do it ^^ just thinking of your job,you have to earn money have to do it,, so get up quickly!!
• Pakistan
2 Dec 07
Being a good teacher, you should learn and teach your students as well as your self that, the people, who sleep well at night, get up early in the morning and do not feel lazy. I feel very fresh early in the morning and use to perform my mental jobs early in the morning. I finish more many of my jobs early in the morning and go to my office after morning prayer and taking breakfast. And start to complete the remaining work. I feel laziness in evening hours and I tend to go to my bed as early in the evening as I can. This is routine which keep me fresh in the morning.
@myrrhyne (107)
• Philippines
28 Nov 07
I always feel that. In every after holiday and then i have to wake up early and prepare for going to work. I have to think that i do this for my family. THats it. And i really have to work hard. I just pray and ask that He will give me strenght for this day.
@cywong (143)
• Malaysia
11 Oct 07
Never even feel guilty after you scold someone if you are really express in a reasonable way. In fact, you are carry your responsibility to motivate the student. Your student will always what you have tell them. If I am no mistaken, is it some student can not meet your expectation and can not submit their work or assignment on time. It is normal and happen on everyone of us. You can not expect too much from someone. No one is perfect. Like myself. I also always late for submit my job. In fact, I always done the great job if compare to others. Give more tolerance to yourself and also the student. You will be feel more happy in this way. Always motivate your student instead of blaming them for late assignment:).
@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
8 Oct 07
Well hang in there, and if things don't get better, maybe you should think of changing your career. When I am feeling too lazy there's really not much I do about it lol. I drink caffeine, such as soda....that seems to help for a little while. I know a lot of people drink coffee, that may help you as well. Either way, good luck with everything!