Trash to treasure

United States
October 8, 2007 9:22am CST
Has anyone tried to do one of the Trash to Treasure ideas off of HGTV? I have seen some really neat things that I would love to make, but just don't seem to have the time. I printed off a few of the things that I really liked to keep the instructions in case I ever have the time and the materials to make that item. I saw one the other night using old kitchen cabinets to make a plant table and a toy box, those were really cool. Someday, I will try something and I know that it will be great!
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@lgwlong (199)
• China
9 Oct 07
wow ,trash to treasue, it is a real good idea,when i am a child i often watch such type tv program and i simulate afer my lesson time.i feel very happy after i finished the sample every time ,but i have no time to do that ,it is a good memery to me
• United States
10 Oct 07
That is neat, and I am like you and never seem to have enough time these days to do anything like that. Even if I did, I usually don't have all the supplies on hand!
@raijin (10371)
• Philippines
8 Oct 07
It's always nice to hear that people are still creative and make good use of things that we already treat as trash, I'm hands up with people like them!;) I also think of recycling things at times, but my mind is just too sensitive in thinking of complicated things!LoL I sometimes thought of making even an invention made of trash, but I don't know where to start and what to create. So in the end, I just give those recyclable things to other people who needs it. Because I know for sure that it'll help them in a way or two, they could either take off those useful pieces and sell them on junk shops and otehrs that would need specific parts for specific items..
• United States
9 Oct 07
I know what you mean! I can never think of ideas to use things in, but at least if I have a pattern I can do something then. I just like to see all the different items that they use to make useful household items, out of things that were going to be put in a landfill somewhere to take up space.