why two eyes?

October 8, 2007 7:04pm CST
why do we have two eyes.. if we all had one eye how would be .. sounds funny but you gotta save money on your contacts..lol
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@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
9 Oct 07
Because it gives us depth perception - we see in 3D rather than 2D
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• France
9 Oct 07
because if you have had just one eye, you couldn't see my eyes so beautiful as you said...lol!!!
• United States
9 Oct 07
Humans are a hunting animal and need stereo vision. Two eyes give the Human stereo vision. That also means depth perception that is very helpful in determining how far away something is, like that car behind you when your driving. In the ancient days, that helped us hunt down dinner. We didn't always have the grocery store to get that chicken dinner. * The same is true for having two ears, for stereo hearing. * Humans can get away with having one eye or one ear. The one eye or one ear person is at a disadvantage but can still get by in modern society.