A new Beginning....

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October 8, 2007 9:57pm CST
Hi all MyLoters. I have started a couple of blogs. These are a part of an endeavor that I have dreamt for a better world. The blogs aren't themselves so special....but the motive behind them is. I just want to show u all what I have been doing....and want some reviews on them. Please be honest....in praise or in critiscm. Suggestions are welcome. This is not advertising....if I am breaking any rules of MyLot, do tell me about it. My first blog is (biotechfreak.blogspot.com)where I search and collect weird and new technologies all over the world....including some of my wacky ideas. Visit it here: http://biotechfreak.blogspot.com My second blog(eco-guerrier.blogspot.com) is where I post green technologies. Our earth is in peril today...with all the global warming and pollution. It is a small effort to bring together the technologies from all over the internet to one place, believing that one person can make the difference. Visit it Here: http://eco-guerrier.blogspot.com If u like them....do comment and subscribe to them.
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