may it be ,but let it be

October 9, 2007 10:32am CST
recently,i always feel that many things can not be force ,for instance,the affection is can not be force!i love a girl so much,but she only treat me as a friend!as you know,this will make you sad!however,you still have to live bottom to go!because live is wonderful,someone should experience the happiness or bitterness!when you want something ,but you can't get it!in my opinion ,you should try your best to do it!when you effort lead,you won't regret one day!the affair of leave hand over to god!may it be ,but let it be !do you agree with me ?what do you think of this?
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@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
10 Oct 07
The matters of the heart is a strange thing, it is hard to love someone and they look at you as only a friend, you know sometimes that can be a beautiful relationship to be in, true love can be very intense and there is always ups and downs for two people in love but I have found sometimes the love between two friends, as a friend type love can be the best type as it is not so intense as I have found when you love someone who is a friend it can outlast the intense kind, and when you love someone sometimes it can be just wonderful being with them with out then complexities of two people in love and all that comes with it...I hope I have explained myself in an understandable way... just enjoy the person you love.
• China
10 Oct 07
let me think about it!maybe you are right!thank you !
@subha12 (18449)
• India
10 Oct 07
actually the matters related to heart are sometime very awkard. But love cannot be forced. I have faced the same situation before although now i doubt whether it was true love or just another lie. Once my so called best friend proposed me, I declined. As I did not have the same feelings. I used to consider him a good friend of mine. Actually later he came out to be a fraud.
@wisedragon (2328)
• Philippines
10 Oct 07
I know how you feel man. It really is sad when you're giving all your love and the girl just ignores it. And I agree with what you said. Do your best and you will have no regrets.