Stands of the Indian Players

@surajpkn (582)
October 9, 2007 12:18pm CST
There is one thing that i observed in the future cup games. When india are batting, they stand with their bat across the middle stump and they position themselves with one leg outside and one leg inside the crease. Now, the australian bowlers mostly bowl good length balls, with the ball reaching the batsman's chest height and the ball is mainly towards or a little away from the off stump. Hence whenever the batsman tries to cut the ball to the off side, he either misses the ball or gets caught behind. Wont it be useful if they trick the bowlers with giving different stands for every ball? May be they could move to their right side to the ON stump for one ball or move forward and stand for another one? By doing so, the bowler will not exactly know where to position the ball or even if he bowls the same good length ball, it'll be easy to tackle the ball by being away from it rather than standing along the middle stump and expecting to cut it. What do you guys say?
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@Lifeless (2636)
• India
10 Oct 07
Well, nice observations, that's all I can say.. I don't watch cricket that closely.. Nobody in my family does.. But I am a big fan of Indian cricket team, and wud like them to carry on the momentum and square the series with the next match and then go on win the cup... Chak de India...
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@swatig (1187)
• India
9 Oct 07
lol, Nice thinking. change in stand with every ball. but player cannot move ahead of middle stump as then stump is not visible from the other end and morever, its not allowed to move here n there for each n every ball. bowler may take objection init. its given in the rulebook of ICIC rule book. May be rules in future about the stand of the player may change.