depress and stress

October 9, 2007 12:48pm CST
what did you do if you feel depress and stress? me, i do like to eat and eat till my tummy full up and go out for shopping or window shopping.. how about you?
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@navakris (11)
• India
9 Oct 07
I'd have a smoke, or eat a lot...or just sleep over it or something, watch a movie, some tv
9 Oct 07
hello navakris, oh eat as well, did you like eating sweets?
@paulsy (1263)
• Philippines
9 Oct 07
Some say eating sweets, chocolates and candies make you feel better when you're depressed. Well, I'm not really into eating sweets. But I do like coffee a lot. So when I feel low and stressed out, I listen to soft, relaxing music like Christian music or Instrumental music. Christian music lifts up my spirit, gives me hope and a better outlook in life. Instrumental lovesongs, on the other hand make me feel relaxed and make me appreciate the beauty of life. Here are a few Christian music and Instrumental music that I would like to share with you. You might enjoy listening every once in a while...
9 Oct 07
hello paulsy, oh thank you for sharing, i might try that actually next time! and it helps you relax as well, thnks...
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
9 Oct 07
Hello there. Whenever i feel depressed and stressed, I'll go running or swimming. Exercising helps me to relax myself and de-stress. I enjoyed sweating it out. =D
9 Oct 07
hello poohgal, oh thats nice idea, and aside from that, keeps you fit as well, well gone girl!
@tater03 (1765)
• United States
9 Oct 07
I become unbearable when I get stressed or depressed because I shut down and do nothing but cry. Thank goodness this don't happen alot.
9 Oct 07
hi tater03, some people said crying hepls a lot if your depress, specially if you got no one to talk to, just give it a good cry, but as you said thnks god it doesnt happen a lot ;-) .. thnks