Starcraft - my first game to play.... Any strategy to share?

October 9, 2007 10:32pm CST
I sure you guys know bout this game, most of them sure fall into with it.. but as you play the game, which strategy you most use while in the game play? kindly share it to me!
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• Malaysia
17 Oct 07
ofcourse i like starcraft too~~~.i am zerg user~~!
• Malaysia
17 Oct 07
oh you also? me too... this is my 1st game in cc
@ertweryt (17)
• China
1 Nov 07
see the starcraft vedio game ,which played by korean player,like slayerbox,yellow,into the rain ,they are the best starcraft player in the starcraft world ,i've played this game for 6 years ,and i think the best way to start is to use protoss. practise,rembmer the hot keys ,inimate the good player's srategy etc. i have deep feeling about this game.
• Egypt
27 Oct 07
i'm a StarCraft Fanatic either...i love using Terran and sometimes protos...and if i can't win the battle i'm using the power overwhelming and show me the money cheat...hehehe