Ebay, non paying bidders

@missbdoll (1168)
October 10, 2007 9:23am CST
If your a Ebay regular sell, are you getting more nonpaying bidders than say 12 to 18 months ago?I have ti have at least 1 every couple of weeks.They just buy and then ignore all emails, remindersor anything, they just ignore the non payer bidder alert from Ebay. It's getting that a percentage of my sales go this way.Very frustrating.
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@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
11 Oct 07
You mean the "joybidders"? right? Well I guess as a seller, you have the option to cancel bids especially coming from newbies or those who have zero or negative feedbacks. Or I suggest that you can always put in your terms and conditions that newbies or members with zero/negative feedbacks must contact you if they really are interested in buying your items to signify their honesty about buying your items.. But overall, you can't really stop those people from bidding.. I may not be an ebay seller, but I do know that those bogus / joybidders are just wasting the seller's time and effort . I do hope you report those non-paying bidders and I hope you will have more ebay sales. best of luck! :)
@SweetTrix (1071)
• United States
10 Oct 07
My fiance' has a problem with a couple people that do this, he usually just blocks them so they are not allowed to buy from him anymore. You can also state on your auction that you have to have a certain rating to bid on the item, at least thats what I have seen some eBayers do with their auctions.
10 Oct 07
I have had a few annoying buyers that have done this, they don't pay, then they don't answer, then they don't answer and I am forced to re-list but don't usually want to give negative feedback as they would do the same, either way its a fact on ebay, like in real stores a customer can approach you ask for something but not buy it.