For the Love of God we are not racing

October 10, 2007 4:37pm CST
Okay people heres an issue that really gets me. I have many friends who are disabled like i am, and when we are out in public random people will shout out to us or come up to us and go "are ya gonna race?" or if we are going through a mall at a decent pace which is likely faster then anyone able bodied can walk people shout out "hey!! stop speeding" or "be careful you are gonna get a ticket". Folks these comments are just stupid. For the love of God we are not racing, and if you see a person with a disability going at a faster pace then you can walk go by you, dont blame them for being startled, just accept that you just might be a jumpy person. Get over it. Disabled people arent there to stare at, make ridiculous comments to, they like myself are people treat us as such. Just because we can go faster then the rest of the population does not mean anyone has the right to make any comments. Also, that "you're gonna get a ticket" comment. There is one thing wrong with that statement. NO WHEELCHAIR HAS A GAS MOTOR AND IS CLASSIFIED AS A MOTOR VEHICLE
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• Canada
10 Oct 07
that my friends is pure jokes. very true however. well said. its nice to be able to see what people think and feel, especially those that we are unable to walk in the shoes of. well said dude.