What is your favorite color and why?

Orange - It radiates the light of purity.
@angel108 (570)
October 11, 2007 2:14am CST
Colors denote different types of feelings. Colors that make our feelings good are usually bright colors like yellow, red and pink. For girls, they like pink. While men like blue. Orange is for purity, white is for simplicity, blue is for coolness, purple is for royalty, red is for love, yellow is cheerfulness and green is for freshness. My favorite color is orange because it reflects my personality.. How about you?
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• Philippines
11 Oct 07
Hi angel. I like the color blue and white. For me, it signifies cleanliness and peace of mind. I used to wear white shirts and blue as well, though I like other colors as well. Have a nice day and God speed!
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
5 Jan 08
Yes, thats true that colors denote different types of feeling and like me I have my favorite colors. My favorite color is red and green. I like green because it is calm to my eyes and it is a color of environment. I like color red because it is a brave color and a color of true love for me.
• China
24 Oct 07
My favourite colour is alwayse changing with the growing of my age. I think that the favourite colour sometimes can presents a person's character.it maybe is the colour of our own mood and life. when i was very little,red is my favourite colour. because in my mind,red stands for delicious food beautiful clothes and other things which is related to happiness . when i was in senior school ,i like blue very much . in my opinion,the colour of the sky stands for a state of quiet and pure .it also give me the same feeling of the sea. but when i entered into the university, purple is my favourite colour.frankly speaking, i do not know the exactly reason why i like it best.but i just have the feeling that it can stands for somethig of my life .
@Nivek13 (124)
11 Oct 07
if its only one color then i go for blue.. hehe blue is so cool and because its not an irritating color for the eyes and it can make your eyes relax.. i also like green and yellow..