Mission To Mars

Pictures From Mars - Man waited for years for the first visual of Mars then finally it happened once NASA's Mars Pathfinder land on Mars and transmitted its first pictures. Not what anyone expected I think because it really looked no different then any desert we have on this planet.
@kodie420 (872)
October 11, 2007 2:22pm CST
I watch a lot of discovery tv and lately there's been a lot of talk about sending man to mars. No Im no science junkie or anything like that but even to a guy like me thats a pretty incredible journey for man. There's talk that there could be under ground frozen glaciers that could provide what man needs to survive there. Do you think in our life time say the next 10-50 years we will see man on Mars? What will they do once there? It is said once man went to Mars and came back that their bones would be nearly as brittle as a 90 year olds. What after Mars?
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
11 Oct 07
I have been watching programs on space exploration too. My hubby likes to watch the "smart programs" so I learn even when I really don't want to. I think a man will land on mars in our lifetimes. When I was a kid I remember reading a kids book about a space station and I thought it to be so far fetched and now we have a space station. I am so impressed about that Mars Rover that is still tooling around and sending info back to earth. I think as a society on earth we need to explore space as I don't think the earth will be able to hold us all in the future!
@arcidy (5013)
• United States
23 Oct 07
I dont know when we will be able to actually go to mars. I hear about it all the time that we should explore mars someday. But My question is why dont they just plan on going to mars instead of just talking about it. But I understand its very hard because of all the storms that go to mars and it takes about 8 months to a year to get there now thats a lot for someone to be gone from 2 years. But I think we will go to mars hopefully with in the next 10 years.
@tater03 (1765)
• United States
12 Oct 07
If that is the case that their bones would be that brittle I don't think that I would want to go. I do think that one day we will get to Mars but I just don't think it will be in my lifetime. Maybe my sons will see humans get to Mars.
@SCarey (3)
• United States
11 Oct 07
Its funny you mention Mars becaseu I've been reading a novel called "Red Mars" actually a trilogy about the colonization and teraformation of mars. It's very interesting. The Writer Kim Stanley Robinson really did his research about the planet. Reading this, you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about the planet. Most true (written back in the 80s) but there are some fictional aspects to it, like the process of teraforming, that could or could not work. Either way it is a great book, a bit slow at times, but makes the colonizations of mars seem like it would be a walk in the park from a scientific standpoint. The hardest part is getting there. The brittle bones comes from the lack of Gravity in space, and the probably the lighter gravity on mars. What after mars, we'd have to come up with a quicker way to travel space before we sent humans anywhere else. Going to Mars, last I read (or remember) would take close to 2 years or so.
• India
11 Oct 07
Yes,it is entirely possible that man can make it to Mars and back, but there are alot of problems facing that and more importantly money, the money required to fund such an endeavour would be massive and then there are alot of social issues, like how can we blow up so much money on research which will not benefit the masses when we can actually spend the money clothing feeding and housing all the poor people out there. And then why not spend the money on saving our planet earth rather that going out to find a new planet to colonize ? Lots of questions to answer but I dont think it will happen for atleast 10 years more until we manage to travel faster than we are travelling right now ....