Pit bulls and Poverty

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October 11, 2007 4:54pm CST
Has anyone ever noticed that pit bulls and poverty seem to go hand and hand. By this I mean that when I'm in very low income neighborhoods, I see a lot of people with these dogs. It almost seems that it's a cultural thing within this earnings class. What are your thoughts. By the way, I'm by no means rich so I'm not doggin on poor people here.
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12 Oct 07
I think your assumption is incorrect. People with low incomes don't automatically have pitbulls. Firstly, it is very common for someone to see a pit bull, an american bulldog, a boxer with a certain color combo, a dogo argentino, an american staffordshire terrier, an Olde English bulldog, a black mouth curr and think they are ALL pitbulls. Also, I find that many more low income families own hounds. If you are in a low income neighborhood, I am assuming you live in a city. In a city, you are more aware of every dog because things are more congested. If you live out in the country or in some suburban developments, you may live day in and day out and have met all the dogs in your neighborhood but may not see them on a daily basis because the houses aren't so close together, etc. So you may be more attuned to noticing the pitbulls. I tend to notice the dogs that are the same breed as mine more than all the other dogs and you may be more attuned to notice pits if you are looking for them.
@sizzle3000 (3038)
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11 Oct 07
I have not noticed that most low income neighborhoods have pit bulls. Now it may be that the lower income people have the dogs to fight so that they can make money. I also believe that there are quite a few people who are middle class have these dogs. The shame is that some of the children that have been torn up have been done so by a family pit bull. These dogs are bread for fighting and destruction. When you buy a dog with this type of back ground you never know what will set it off. I live in a farley nice neighborhood and the gentlement down the street has a pitbull. We have an agreement that if his dog is off the lease or out of the yard I will shot it. I will not wait to see if it is going to walk by me or not. I am not taking any chances. I think it may be more of a thug thing. I think that it makes the owner feel big because he or she has a dog that is mean.