10 Dumbest Laws In Canada

Dumb Laws - Every state and every country have some dumbs laws on their books or carters. Do some internet searches and see what you might find.
@kodie420 (872)
October 11, 2007 11:19pm CST
Have you ever watched any of those crime shows on television and seen many countries have way different laws then our own? Well this got me thinking about my own country “Canada” and some of the dumb laws we have here and I'd like to share some of them with all of you. 1. In Nova Scotia a person is not allowed to water their grass when it's raining. Not like someone would do this, but it's against the law in Nova Scotia! 2. In Cobourg, Ontario if you have a water trough in your front yard, it must be filled by 5:00am! 3. In Guelph, Ontario, the city is classified as a no pee zone! 4. In Toronto, Ontario, where I lived, it's illegal to drag a dead horse down Younge St on a Sunday! 5. In Montreal, Ontario you are not allowed to wash your car in the street or park your car in a way that it blocks your own driveway! 6. In Ottawa, Ontario you are not allowed to eat ice cream on Bank St on a Sunday! 7. In Beaconsfield, Canada it's considered an offense to have more than two colours on your house; and you are not allowed to own a log cabin! 8. In Uxbridge, Ontario it's illegal to have an internet connection faster than 56k! 9. In Kanata, Ontario, believe this, it's illegal to have a clothes line in your back yard! 10. Finally, in Oshawa, Ontario it's illegal to climb trees! Some laws are so worthless they are not even worth the time or effort to try and even enforce. Check out some of your local dumb laws and you'll be surprised in what you might find is illegal where ever you might live.
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• Canada
12 Oct 07
HAHAHAHA that is hilarious!! I live in Canada and I never knew we had such ridiculous laws. Wow that is funny!!! I wonder if they have any stupid laws in Pickering where I live. How did you find all of this information?
@kodie420 (872)
• Canada
20 Oct 07
just type dumb laws in Canada in your browser
@Lifez2short (4969)
• United States
17 Oct 07
Now that is nuts. I read some of these saying are you serious? Im gonna go check out our dumb laws now.