your first smoke???

October 12, 2007 8:06am CST
WHEN WAS THE FIRST TIME YOU SMOKE AND YOU GOT ADDICTED TO IT??? if you are asking me the same question then i will say during the first year exams of my enginneering i along with my friends was preparing for exams, my all friends were addicted to it, they always offer me to smoke, first i was smoking occasionally then it become my habbit that whenever i sit to prepare my exams, speech, presentation it never happens that one or two of my cigaaarratt pack ends...
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• Egypt
2 Nov 07
First time I smoke when I was in the junior school. A few years ago my close friends offered me it. But I push it away. But today I'm a chain smoker. For me smoke contribute a propulsion to inspire more and more. How about you?
• Pakistan
2 Nov 07
i am still addicted to it... i live in hostel for the past three years and you know there is always an oppurtunity to have these even though you if you are out of money or you have to go to market... also there is nobody to ask you to quit smoking becoz 90% of the students are addicted to it... you are true to this that it creats an inspiration to have more... the most i feel to smoke is the after having meal.......
@smoke_gun (1243)
• Malaysia
16 Oct 07
i had my first cigratte when i was 14 year old.there was no reason for me started smoking,i just want to give it a tried because i though it was cool and most of my friends smoker.we had our own privete cigratte club after school everyday to researching every different brand and taste of cigratte.
• Pakistan
2 Nov 07
i think that's the reason elders advise not even touch this thing because once you have it you will become addicted to it.......