Are You Here For The Money ?

October 12, 2007 9:47am CST
How many of us join mylot for the money and how many of us join mylot for the sake of network socialization ? Do you join mylot mainly because of the money and the few cents we make everyday ? Or do you join mylot for the sake of socializing with others and getting to know more people around the world and learn different cultures and stuffs like that ? So, which are you ?
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@gradyslady (4054)
• United States
12 Oct 07
Nope not here for the money, I haven't even made a payout yet here, and look at my score! A lot of people have already made at least 2 payouts with the score I have. I'm just here for responding to people and getting to know them. I've actually made two really good friends here. It's a great place here.
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@diillu (5121)
12 Oct 07
Very very welcome here in mylot. When I first found mylot while searching in the net. I was really desperate to find one genuine site that really pays it member and would be no scam. So, I joined mylot for the hope of earning some money in internet. It's just the way of earning extra money when I'm totally free. And then I became used to the mylot. And after spending some time in mylot I started knowing some friends started socializing. So, I must say that basically I'm here to earn some money here.
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• India
12 Oct 07
yes i guess i am here for the money But the money is not at all worth the effort i put in But i do try
@fhm1987 (243)
• Pakistan
12 Oct 07
Not only money though. Well, mylot is a place where a person is not for one reason but for all reasons you mentioned.
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@dentidle (293)
• Switzerland
12 Oct 07 your first respondent...I'm here for all of the reasons that you've specified in your post.
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@steerforth (1798)
• Italy
20 Oct 07
I think that Mylot is a great site because we can earn some cents every day and we can have a lot of fun writing with a lot of other people of other countries. We are very lucky to stay here on Mylot.
• United States
15 Oct 07
I'm not here for the money. I like making new online friends and chatting with them. I like to see how different areas of the world are. And I just feel like I can get on here and get help with things and just vent about things that bother me and people understand and try to help me. I just really like this site and coming on here and talking with everyone. The money is nice and I appreciate getting it but that's not why I'm here. I love the friendships that I have made here.
• Philippines
15 Oct 07
I found your question very interesting. Frankly speaking, at first.. I was actually here for money. My friend who referred me here convinced me to join because of the earnings I could get. And when I finally I got here, I found out that it's not really a big money at all. Yet I still continued posting and responding to some discussions because I really find this site so interesting. Wherein I could share my thoughts to other people around the globe and in return they also share their knowledge I've never known before. To wrap things up, I was able to gain more than what I have expected. Winning new friends and learning new things is I think is more important than money.