Does your child ( children) watch the curious george episodes on tv??

United States
October 12, 2007 4:51pm CST
Well every morning while my daughter is eating her breakfast getting ready for school i let her watch tv. as long as she is dressed and her hair is fixed she can watch tv while she eats before school... Her everyday morning show happens to be curious george on PBS kids. Good cute funny favorite among many. No problem. well it is on 2 or 3 episodes in a row every morning at the same time and it seems like it is on a repeat roll... monday it will have 3 episodes tuesday it will have a different 3 episodes wednsday it will have 1 new episdoe and 2 of mondays repeats and thurdsya it will have 1 of mondays repeats and 2 of tuesday repeats.. etc etc all week long every week so far and then again after school!!! I kno she notices shes 6 shes old enough but i think that she might think that its one of her favorite movies that she can watch over and over agin.. but doesnt it get annoying/?? has anyone whose child has watched this seen more then 5 episodes??
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@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
12 Oct 07
My son watches Curious George in the morning before school. Considering he only has time to get in maybe one show, I am surprised at how often the same episodes get played. He likes the live version movie of it and has a coloring book that he cut out the characters and uses them as he "paper toys". I don't really mind cause it is a good children's program. Also I went several years without cable and have sat there hearing the little mermaid playing in the background about 8 times a day. That was brain rot for sure. LOL Vicki
@lilybug (21145)
• United States
12 Oct 07
My 7 year old watches it with his 8 month old sister some mornings. I don't see the same ones all the time. Sometimes, but not always. They don't watch it every day though. I am sure I have seen at least a dozen different ones.