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October 12, 2007 4:57pm CST
Started using pro Active couple of weeks ago, thinking it was the best product around to clear my face of acne. But instead of clearing my face it has added more acne. Asked my friend for her opinion and she replied that i should continue using pro Active because at first it takes any infection from my face , making my acne visible on my face and then clears my face of acne. So what do you think is pro active good or bad
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12 Oct 07
I really don't know what to think being you just started using it. I like the clean and clear products myself or neutragena.
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13 Oct 07
and how do they work for you?
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24 Oct 07
Most of those products have drastically different results for different people, including rashes and worsening the problem. Have you heard of Infrared Heat Therapy? It is harmless, painless, and very effective. Basically, infrared rays penetrate deep into your skin, removing toxins and bacteria while stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen, and essential part of human tissue, restores the elasticity and healthy look of your skin while helping reduce the appearance of existing scars. I have researched and written a few articles about the technology behind Infrared Heat Therapy and have heard nothing but good things about it. You can read my article at . Hope this helps you out!
@marabdl86 (615)
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19 Oct 07
Proactive is notthing but overpriced Benzoyl Peroxide. Go to buy the castill face bars. They are about 8 bucks each but they are all organic and make your skin look wonderful. don't leave it on your skin too long it will irittate it. just for 10 seconds or less. Then go buy you a tube of Benzoyl Peroxide 10% and spot treat. and aloe vera gel Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel 100% i just told you my skincare regimen. I also did 80 mg's accutnae. If it's as bad as mine was then you should go on it asap. Hope that helps