How do you search for discussions?

October 12, 2007 9:31pm CST
Sometimes when I am in myLot, I just don't know what to do it, because there are no discussions that I want to answer. I can't find an interesting discussion. So I would like to know what do you guys do to search for discussions you can answer, if there is a "hidden" tool that I am not using.
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• Canada
13 Oct 07
Hi and welcome to Mylot. When I came here I had similar experiences. Now that has all changed because as I became more established an new the rules and how to navigate I made a lot of friends who had similar interests. I posted a few discussions and didn't get many responses. So I began choosing things from today's top discussions. If I liked that I'd scroll down to the bottom of the page where similar topics are listed and go to those. When I saw sites that seemed to be of interest to me I'd ask them to become friends. It they accepted I'd go back, thank them and add to more of their discussions. Soon a sense of comradeship developed and they began to come and respond to my topics. Now I start out looking for discussions under the side bar of 'discussions my friends have started.' That way I feel assured they will be interesting chats because I already know who they are and what they chat about as a rule. It takes time..but eventually you will build your own reputation and find like minded others. Good luck with it and hope these suggestions assist you. Cheers, Raia
• Brazil
13 Oct 07
Thank for answering.
@asgtswife04 (2480)
• United States
14 Oct 07
most of the time i start out with discusssions that i have either started myself to see the responses so that i can respond to them and then i head to the discussions that i have responded to to see if they responded back to me. from there, i either go to the new discussions or today's top discussions and find the ones that interest me and discuss them. other than that, you can go to the discussions of your interests and start or respond to discussions on there. hope that helped some
@anniepa (27510)
• United States
13 Oct 07
I just check the top discussions, new discussions, recent discussions, discussions from my interests and of course, discussions started by my friends. Also, I check back on those I've started and those I'm responded to and when I have time those with no responses and by new members. Somehow I never have a problem finding something that catches my interest. Make sure you add enough interests! Also, I always look at the news section and usually there are topics there that I'd like to comment on. As you get more friends and get used to things on myLot you'll find it much easier to find discussions that interest you. Welcome and Happy myLotting! Annie