What kind of life do you prefer? rich or peaceful

October 13, 2007 12:48am CST
In real life people always can't balance rich and peace perfectly.You want lead a luxury life, you lost something elese.You can't make a jog in the saturday morning, you have to sacrifice your private time which you should stay with your families to your business.Maybe you will miss your son's birthday party that is somthing absolutly you can't make up with in your following tome.Drag your attention to the other kind of life then. Everyday you wake up early to preapre the breakfast,you send your kids to their school and kiss them goodbye.You play poker with your intimate friends after dinner,watch movie and have a cup of tea with your parents,chatting with your neighbers. That sounds wonderful but when your wife make a window shopping with you and come to a jewely departement. she stop at the counter and get crush on one diamond item. You know she really like it you also know she wants it but you can't afford.It is so pathetic. As a man you need something called achievement to build your confidence your self-esteem.So how to make a choice when you face your life?
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@surajpkn (582)
• India
13 Oct 07
I of course will love only peaceful life. But none can have a peaceful life without any money. So sufficient amount of money is definitely needed to have a peaceful life. Only when we have lot of money, do we feel very insecure and hence there is no peace in life, so it everybody should just aim for having the sufficient money. I believe that, only that makes a life happy.
• China
16 Oct 07
I can't agree with you anymore!I was born in a poor family.My farther was a commen farmer and my mother was a housewife so i had tasted the tough of life when i was young and i also deeply felt it were impossible to lead a idle life when you still struggle for living all the time. you want live comfortably you try to get the mony you need!