How do I get rid of a free loader?

United States
October 13, 2007 4:09am CST
My brother in law is the biggest free loader I have ever met and every year at the same time he comes begging for a place to live until the holidays are over even though he says it will only be a few or a couple of days. How do I get rid of this free loader once and for all? I keep booting him out and my husband keeps taking him back in. This time he had the story of a life time on how he has changed and he has a job. Big deal after 42 years of being a bum I would think he would have a job to pay the goverment back for what he has free loaded off of them and us tax payers. Well my husband found out last night that he is the same old free loader when he came in at 3:00 a.m. drunk. His story to get let in was he had a job - quit drugs - quit drinking. I saw through it the first day when he said that he was going to work for 3 hours and that it was not worth going in but I nipped it in the butt and said you either go in or get booted out. Well the few days has now been 2 1/2 weeks and I got woke up this morning to a drunk passed out on my couch snoring so load it woke up the nieghboring apartments. I need to get rid of him soon as we can not afford to have him here. I have already tried the money route and he gave my husband $50.00 but left it on the computer stand before going to the booty calls house for the second Friday in a row. So what should I do next? hugs
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• United States
13 Oct 07
i would tell my husband to choose if he wants you for the holidays or his freeloading brother. does he know how intensley you dislike the guy?
@tigertang (1749)
• Singapore
13 Oct 07
The only way to get rid of a free-loader is to get rid of the free-ride that you are providing him. Once the free-ride is over, they will have no interest in tagging along. Anyway, it sounds like your husband needs to get into the frame of things too. He's got to take an active role in getting rid of his free-loading brother and when you do - hey the guy may actually make an improvement- you cannot help people who are not interested in helping themselves.
• United States
14 Oct 07
Something else that you might be able to do is look on websites that are strictly employment websites, such as or if it is in your area. Both of these sites will tailor what openings they show you to the area that you are looking in, as well as the type of job that you are looking for. You can show this to him and let him know that there are jobs out there. I think that with both you and your husband working on this together as a team, you can come to a resolution that will help all three of you.