Do you use to take food with you to bed?

@opinione (749)
October 13, 2007 4:27am CST
(I'm wondering what Homer Simpson could say...)
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@hillock (749)
• Qatar
30 Oct 07
i do! from time to time i like to eat at my bed especially when i dont have someone to eat with. it feel sad when im alone in the big table.
@surajpkn (582)
• India
13 Oct 07
Yeah, i dont eat on the dining table at all. i always have my food in a bowl or a plate and i roam around as i eat or sit in front of my computer, do 2 jobs at a time or take it to my bed and read something as i eat. I know thats a bad habit, but i am used to it and i find it fun!
@alittle (26)
• China
13 Oct 07
when i was in school,i always have lunch in my dormitory and at the same time watch TV.but when i was in home ,my mum cannt allow me d this.We all should have dinner beside the table.because mum said that eating at the same time watching TV was not good for our healthy.
@raijin (10371)
• Philippines
13 Oct 07
We're not used to dining or taking foods into bed, we practice strict rules when eating foods. I believe that it is Grace given to us, that we should atleast give respect at and value the most. ur dining table is always clean and well-prapred whenever we want to it, I guess it's not a hustle to eat there and use what is available.
@ssh123 (31085)
• India
13 Oct 07
There is a dining hall with a table and chair and food is always served there. No one in the family is allowed to take the food on the bed unless one is a patient, who cannot move out of the bed. This rule is made mainly to maintain cleanliness of the bedroom.