Where do you get your writing Ideas?

United States
October 14, 2007 10:11am CST
I base a lot of my stories on what is going on in my life. If we go to a restaurant, hotel, or attraction I write about it. When I was looking for dance classes for my daughter I wrote about dance studios in Louisville, and when I was planning a birthday party for my son I wrote about Where to Host a Child's Birthday Party in Louisville. If I am planning a trip I will use the research I do in planning to write about the area. I read a lot of parenting blogs, so I will write about new baby products when they come out, just stuff like that. I was wondering where everyone else got their ideas?
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• United States
28 Oct 07
I know I responded to another of your discussions, but I couldn't resist...:) I get most of my inspiration lately from my autistic son. I write articles on things that work for him. Some are about my own personals experiences outside of that, too. I also write poetry. I have a full time job now outside of the house, so mostly I just try to come up with something on the fly. I am working on it.
@myfanwy65 (1030)
• United States
26 Oct 07
I write about what interests me. I write about gardening, cooking, diabetes, holidays, health issues, and lots of other stuff. I have so many ideas for articles I can't get them all done. When I guy a magazine, I get several articles out of each one. When I buy a non-fiction book, I get many articles out of each book. I have gone through my bookshelf and write articles from books I already have. It seems to me there is an endless supply of ideas for articles just lying around my house.
@peavey (16980)
• United States
16 Oct 07
I'm curious about a lot of things I see daily, so I start researching and taking notes and before you know it, I've got an article ready to polish.
@eskay007 (72)
• Israel
15 Oct 07
In my opinion writing ideas come from 3 ways: Imagination, experience and environment. The level of imagination and experience one has tend to determine what he/she writes and also the quality of the work. Environment also tend to affect or determine what we write and how we write. This 3 to me are the bedrock for writing ideas.
• India
15 Oct 07
Life gives us immense opportunities. If we could focus on these ,it makes us think more. And when we think ,we become curious. And when we are curious, we search for answers. And when we are in need of answers ,we search the net or ask others. And we end up here in mylot!!
@alfecris (181)
• Philippines
15 Oct 07
i get my writing ideas from the books i read, informations from the television or even somewhere else i have got to read. it helps me think quickly and write it to what i am going to write. i also get some ideas from my past experiences and dreams. thats helps me in my writing.
@invictus (25)
• Philippines
15 Oct 07
if i am to write about something, i always follow Forrester's advice (from the movie finding forrester): to write anything. i don't think, but just write, whatever comes to my mind and goes out to my keyboard first. i think i essentially take my ideas from within... when i am inspired. of course, this is for creative writing. but if this is something about formal writing, it's always a combination of experience and from what i read in some books. :-)
@cywong (143)
• Malaysia
15 Oct 07
The more you read the more ideal you will have. The more people you talk with the more ideal you have. The more place you go the more idea you have. The more food you take the more energy to think you have. But never even copy other people texts:).
• Australia
15 Oct 07
My writing is usually based upon experiences - whether it's something I've done myself, something I've seen, or something I've read. I find I have to be interested in something to write about it, or at least interested in an aspect of what I'm writing about, otherwise I tend to lose interest. I'll normally still finish the piece, but I know it's not as polished if the subject or topic has failed to capture me. I tend to write ideas down as they come to me, and then return to them when I have the time.
@paulsy (1263)
• Philippines
14 Oct 07
Most of my ideas are from my day to day activities. Some from things I read on the internet. Others are from experiences I had in the past. I like writing a lot. Sometimes even while something is actually happening to me, I already think about what I'm going to write. It makes life a lot more fun to live. That's because you tend to look forward to what's going to happen next, and writing about it in your blog, or in mylot.