Potty Training!!

United States
October 14, 2007 3:34pm CST
I am currently trying to potty train my 2 year old. Sometimes he does really great, but here recently he screams and fights every time we sit on the potty. I have given him some time off, and we are trying it again. But he still continues to fight it. Does anyone have any suggestions??
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• Germany
14 Oct 07
Personally I would say don't fight it. He just isn't ready yet. I know that is so hard when everyone else has there child potty trained but they really do just do it when they are ready regardless of what you do. I had trouble with my daughter. What changed her around was not putting any pull ups on her and sending her on her way to daycare. She learned quickly that way because she had other children to watch go to the bathroom and the daycare workers were nice enough to change her clothes if they had to. It took her maybe a week. BUT that was after over a year of struggling with her. I firmly believe that she just wasn't going to do it until she was good and ready for it. Once he stops fighting it then you can use any of the methods out there and I am sure they will work nice and quick. But until he is ready I don't think anything is going to work. But what you can do until then is read him potty training children's books and watch videos. The big blue house has one that is really good. That might help him relax a bit. So hold off on the actual training and try getting his mind ready for it by videos and books. Let me know if it helps!
@mac1946 (1602)
• Calgary, Alberta
14 Oct 07
I would start with the naked method,after waking in the morning,do not put a diaper back on,let him run around for a few hours naked,this will teach him what happens when he gets that feeling,keep an eagle eye on him and as soon as he starts watering the floor,on to the potty,even if it is only 1/2 there,make a big fuss about how good he was to finish on the potty. I would also switch to cloth training pants with plastic pants so that he will get the wet feeling. You may also start setting the kitchen timer for every hour and race him to the potty when it goes off(making it fun). Please let me know how this goes and we can go from there. Good luck.