public figures

@bgerig (1259)
United States
October 14, 2007 3:51pm CST
Who is your favorite public figure these days? And why?
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@kaplya (1578)
• India
16 Oct 07
nobody actually! today it seems there's lack of a complete public figure. they all have only one or two good qualities or examples and no one is really someone who could inspire others to follow their path!
@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
15 Oct 07
My favorite public figure goes for Arnold Schwazenegger. He is my choice because he successfully involved in 4 categories of life; a politician, social obligatory, athlete and actor. The life-fine-art of my choice to him is he was a ex-prisoner for civil law. Of how he encountered his previous hardship life to be someone or somebody good in his future life. This kind of life story really inspired and aspired me.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
14 Oct 07
I also like Al Gore, he just won the nobel peace prize with others for the climate change awareness they been doing. I am glad they were able to wake up the eyes of the public of the truth about this. - DNatureofDTrain
• Janesville, Wisconsin
14 Oct 07
My favorite one right now is the Dalai Lama, I love his teachings about compassion, and I hope that China lifts their ban, and drops their warrants, and allows the Tibetans to have their country back.. but it does not look like they will allow that... I really admired his love and compassion, and leadership. His writing and teachings too. - DNatureofDTrain