I am having caffeine withdrawal

@lilybug (21145)
United States
October 14, 2007 4:21pm CST
I drink soda all day everyday. The other day when I picked up some soda I grabbed caffeine free soda on accident. Oh, my goodness! I have such a headache from caffeine withdrawal. I have taken some ibuprofen, but it is not helping. I have tried to cut out caffeine before and had these results, so I started drinking caffeine again. The only thing that makes it go away is caffeine. I may have to run to the store and pick up some caffeine. Does anyone else get caffeine withdrawals?
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
14 Oct 07
It might be possible, but I've gone days without a coke and it was fine. Usually I have other drinks like juices, milk and tea and they are fine.
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• United States
15 Oct 07
yup i get caffeine withdrawal headaches too! and tylenol or apirin, etc, doesnt seem to do a damn thing for those headaches either! i pretty much drank nothing but soda for years and years, perhaps once a month i would drink a bottle of water.i did drink a couple cups of coffee each day lol. for about a month now, ive been able to slowly cut back from about 5 sodas a day to only 2. SLOWLY though lol! however i still drink a couple cups of coffee... im TRYING to cut back on the soda cause i read somewhere that if you cut out ONE soda a DAY you will lose 8lbs in a year!! which to me is amazing..so i cut out 4 of them and have started working out..lets see if i can loose that 8lbs faster than a year lol!
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