What do you think about DINK?

October 15, 2007 1:37am CST
My husband doesn't want to have a child.I don't know what it really means. Will you please tell me your opion about DINK?
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@gwendovere (1281)
• United States
15 Oct 07
I don't remember what DINK stands for... but if he doesn't want to have children, he shouldn't have any. If you do want children and he doesn't, that could be very bad for your marriage. This is a very important topic that any 2 people considering marriage to each other should discuss. If they have different views on it... or if they both want kids but don't see eye to eye on how to raise them, this can be catostrophic for a marriage.
• China
16 Oct 07
Yes. You are right.I will talk about it with my husband.
@angseu (10)
• Canada
15 Oct 07
Well, we have 2 kids and we're broke, but I wouldn't trade my kids for all the money in the world. I think it really depends what you want out of life. If you really don't want kids, I think that's a wonderful choice for you. D.I.N.K Double Income No Kids
• China
15 Oct 07
Thank you! I like kids but I wish they would not grow up.I just like little kids. Maybe it is hard to understand but I really think so. So I don't know if I really want a kid.